Welcome to Fressingfield

Fressingfield is a village of around 1200 people in north Suffolk. It is a few miles south of Harleston, a small market town. Fressingfield can be a busy and vibrant place. The fields that surround the village are a picture of modern agriculture - highly productive and changing every month. Agriculture is no longer the main source of employment in the area, however. Many people find employment in traditional 'everyday-trades' as well as more hi-tech services and commerce. The village and nearby communities are also well served by schools and leisure and medical services.

When you first visit, you might think, 'I could go on holiday to a place like this'. It's picturesque, a little isolated and often quiet. The village has an active soul however. Residents who are young or old, who are looking for a physical challenge or wanting time to be reflective and those who are somewhere in-between, can join groups linked to all manner of activities. The Organisations page shows how varied those activities are. Of course the amenities and facilities of the village and surrounding area mean that Fressingfield is a place where people can also just do their own thing.

If you browse the pages of this website, you will discover more about the village today, how it was in the past and something too about its future.