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Parish Council


The council

The Parish Council is an elected tier of local government and is a legal entity in its own right. We raise and spend money for the benefit of the local community through a precept, and are made up of 13 councillors, serving the parish

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The chair

Each year at the annual meeting of the parish council (not to be confused with the Annual Parish Meeting) one of the 13 councillors is elected Chair. The Chair is responsible for chairing meetings, managing debate. The Chair has no greater power than the rest of the councillor, except for the ability to have a casting vote. All decisions are taken at meetings and made by a majority (although not necessarily a unanimous one).

The clerk

The clerk is the employee and proper officer of the council, providing legal advice, administrative support and is the key contact point between the public and the council.

Council meetings. 

The schedule of meetings for the year until May 2024 can seen by clicking here

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The Next Meeting is...

Council meetings are open to the public, and county and district councillors are invited to attend to provide reports. Fressingfield Parish Council has a time set aside for public comment prior to the commencement of business. Meetings are run by following government legislation and using the council’s standing orders and financial regulations. 

An agenda will be posted publicly on notice boards around the village at least three full days before the meeting, and councillors are summoned to these meetings. Attendance is not voluntary and apologies are to be sent in advance wherever possible.