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Sustainable Saturday

15 February 2024

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Politics from the bottom up!

As part of Fressingfield Parish Council's community consultation programme, a session called Sustainable Saturday is organised for the morning of Sat 17th Feb at the village's Sancroft Hall starting at 10am.

The morning will conclude with a speech from Adrian Ramsay, Co-leader of the Greens Party on 'Sustainability in a Rural Community such as Fressingfield'.

Villagers will be able to take part in a forum to consider local Sustainability issues including Housing& Infrastructure, Energy, Food and Farming, the Environment/Water issues, Economics and Transport as well as Health and Wellbeing.

The discussion groups will be asked to identify three matters in the six areas that could steer the Parish council as it plans its expenditure from the precept as well the CIL income from recent housing development. Other funds might also be asked after should the discussion group identify matters beyond the Parish. The outcomes will be shared with all residents via websites and through magazine articles.

The virtue of politics from the bottom up is clear in that downward acting policies receive only limited acceptance. The Parish Council is likely to continue this consultation model further and especially the Annual Parish Meeting in April.

Councillor and convenor of this meeting, Garry Deeks said, 'This Parish Council is hopeful in extending this type of consultation to further improve its performance for the villagers they represent. In these times of political uncertainty, it is good to start from grass roots.'


Garry Deeks