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Neighbourhood Watch

Your local scheme co-ordinators:

Joint Co-ordinators Ray & Bebe Briggs - 01379 586180 

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The Fressingfield Neighbourhood Watch is a volunteer organisation set up to assist the residents of the parish and the Suffolk Constabulary. The Watch acts as a go-between.

Northern central Suffolk is one of the lowest crime areas is the United Kingdom. The main aim of the Neighbourhood Watch is to ensure that it remains so.

The joint co-ordinators of the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Watch are Ray & Bebe Briggs. Their contact telephone numbers can be found at the top of this article. Please feel free to contact them, or any of the Local Contacts, on any matter relating to crime, security, policing or allied subjects.      IN ALL CASES OF EMERGENCY CONTACT THE POLICE ON — 999

However, some crime is still committed in the area. More will occur if residents become complacent. The Watch provides frequent updates on crime trends in the area through this web page and the  Five Alive magazine.

The Suffolk Constabulary are very supportive of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in all respects except finance. The local Watch has to obtain funding, or raise finance, to cover  all  its operations. It is enthusiastically supported by, but not part of, Fressingfield Parish Council.

A dedicated team of Local Contacts has been formed so that each and every resident can contact the Watch on a personal, neighbour to neighbour basis. A complete list of Local Contacts and their areas of responsibility is available by clicking on the box at the top of this page. If your address is not listed please contact one of the scheme co-ordinators direct.

As part of the Eye based Mid Suffolk North Safer Neighbourhood Scheme, Fressingfield has a dedicated Community Police Officer. She is PC  878 Jacqui Smith. She is supported by Police Constable Office PCSO 3172 Steven Long. They can be contacted at  midsuffnorth.snt@suffolk.pnn.police.uk  or at the police operations control centre, on 01473 613500.  

Fressingfield is a low crime area.  Government statistics for crime in Fressingfield