FHLAG Programme for 2024

Programme of Lectures and Events 2024

Meetings are held on tuesday's at 7:30pm unless marked otherwise.

Tuesday 23rd January 2024.
“Gravestones of Famous People in Suffolk”- Robert Halliday.
Start Time: 2.30pm.

Tuesday 27th February 2024.
“Building The Tower at St Edmundsbury Cathedral”- Horry Parsons.
Start Time: 2.30pm.

Tuesday 26th March 2024.
“Orlando Whistlecraft- Suffolk Weather Prophet”-Kevin Pulford
Start Time: 2.30pm. NB. FLHAG- AGM.

Tuesday 23rd April 2024.
“It Happened Here in Suffolk- Strange and Wonderful Bites of History”- Pip Wright. Start Time: 7.30pm.

Tuesday 28th May 2024.
“A History of The Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds”- Rory O’ Brien.
Start Time: 7.30pm.

Tuesday 25th June 2024.
Outdoor Event:”The Long Shed Woodbridge- Sutton Hoo/ The Saxon Ship.”

Start Time: Administrative Details and Start Time to Follow.

Tuesday 23rd July 2024.
“The History of Hemp Cultivation in East Anglia”- Claire O’Sullivan. Start Time: 7.30pm.

Tuesday 27th August 2024. No Meeting- Holiday Month.

Tuesday 24th September 2024.

“Five O’clock Tea with Betsy- Meet Mrs Elizabeth Fry in 1845 and Learn of Her Life as A Quaker and Her Work as A Prison Reformer, Philanthropist, Anti-Slavery, Campaigner and More Besides.”- Georgette Vale.

Start Time: 2.30pm

Tuesday 22nd October 2024.

“On The Trail of St Edmund, an Attempt At a Chronological Story of Edmund’s Life and The Role of His Relics.”- Chris Parfitt.

Start Time:2.30pm.

Tuesday 26th November 2024.
“A History of Spoken English.”- Charlie Haylock.

Start Time: 2.30pm. Note: Due to Popularity This Meeting will be held in The Sancroft Hall.